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Whole-House Temperature Zoning

With the average HVAC system, you only have one thermostat that measures the temperature of the air near its location. Therefore, if a room is far away, it may not reach your desired temperature. This is because your HVAC will shut off when the air near it reaches the temperature you wanted. Whole-house temperature zoning, however, uses multiple thermostats to divide your home into separate zones that you can control separately.

Reasons to Get Whole House Temperature Zoning

Here are some common reasons why homeowners choose to get a whole-house temperature zoning system.

Put the Conditioned Air Where You Want It

If your thermostat is located downstairs, you may notice that your second floor doesn’t reach the temperature you prefer. You may try to turn your thermostat up even more, but this just makes the first floor uncomfortable and wastes energy.

This issue can be alleviated with a whole-house temperature zoning system. While you can split up your home in many ways, many Modern Air Solutions’ customers choose to simply split their home by floors. This way you can make your upstairs cooler when you go to bed and keep your daily living space a little warmer. A home zoning system gives you the power to put the conditioned air where you want or need it.

Needs and Preferences of Different Family Members

Not every person in your family may prefer the same temperature. One person may always be cold and the other may always be hot. If this is the case in your Bensalem home, a home zoning system may be the solution. You can zone out areas where certain family members typically dwell and allow them to set the temperature wherever they want without it affecting you.

You Have Rooms You Don’t Use

Many homeowners have rooms that your family may not use that often. Depending on where these rooms are positioned in your home, you may be paying for heat or air conditioning where it is not needed. A whole-house temperature zoning system may be able to help you cut this room out and save some money on your utility bills.

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Interested in a new whole-house zoning system for your home? A Modern Air Solutions technician can help you figure out how to zone your home for the best results and answer any questions you may have. You can contact Modern Air Solutions through the contact page on our website or by calling 1-215-490-3433.