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Whole House Humidifiers

When it comes to creating comfort in your home, you should think about more than just temperature; you should think about humidity as well. During the winter months in Bensalem, you can turn the temperature up on your thermostat, but it may not necessarily make you feel warmer. You may need to raise the humidity in your home as well to feel comfortable. If you are looking to add more humidity to the air in your home, Modern Air Solutions can help you choose and install a new whole house humidifier.

Dry Air

Lack of humidity can do more than just make you feel uncomfortable. It can affect you, your family and the items in your house in various ways.

You and Your Family

Dry air tries to absorb moisture wherever it can find it. It can steal it from anywhere in your home, including you and your family. When the air is dry, your skin can become rough, dry, or cracked. You may need to continually apply lotion to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Dry air can also irritate your sinuses, throat, and eyes. Many viruses can also spread more easily in low-humidity environments. This is why people tend to get sick more often in the winter when the air is dry.

Your Home and Furniture

Dry air can warp wooden floors and furniture, dry out leather, cause wallpaper to peel, shift your walls and door jams, and much more. Over time, lack of moisture will damage items such as plants, artwork, electronics, and musical instruments.

You will likely also notice more static electricity in the air. Your blankets and clothing may stick together, your hairs may stand up, or you may get an occasional shock when you go to touch something.

How Does a Whole House Humidifier Help?

A whole house humidifier will constantly monitor the humidity levels in your home and adjust them as necessary. Unlike most portable humidifiers, a whole house humidifier can balance the humidity throughout your entire home and not just in one room or small area. Most models are low maintenance and only require attention once or twice a year. Some can even be monitored through an app, so you can adjust the levels in your home from anywhere with an internet connection.

If your energy bills have been on the rise because you continually turn your thermostat up with little results, a whole home humidifier can provide you with the comfort you lack. This way, you can keep your thermostat and utility bills lower.

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Modern Air Solutions can help you find and install almost any type of humidifier including, steam humidifiers, fan-powered humidifiers, bypass humidifiers, non-ducted humidifiers, and more. We can install a whole house humidifier with either a new or existing HVAC system.

Modern Air Solutions technicians are trained to analyze your home and needs and help you find the best solutions for your home. If you are interested in a whole house humidifier, contact us through our website contact page or by calling 1-(215)-490-3433.