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Ductwork Modifications

Air ducts are typically designed to work with the HVAC system they were originally installed with. If you have Modern Air Solutions install a new system that is very different from the original system, your entire system may not work quite as efficiently as it could be. This is why Modern Air Solutions also offers a ductwork modification service. Modern Air Solutions in Bensalem, PA can change or adjust your ductwork to work more efficiently with your current system.  

Why Would I Need Ductwork Modifications?

Improved Comfort

If your current air ducts are too small, it could be affecting the comfort of your home. When your air ducts are too small for your system, it makes it difficult to get the conditioned air through the ducts and into your home. If you or your family has been noticing uneven heating or stuffy air, you may have an issue with your air ducts.

ductwork repair and installationHowever, there are other issues that can cause uneven heating and low air flow as well. The best way to solve these issues is to contact Modern Air Solutions for an inspection and consultation. We will ensure your air ducts are the proper size or suggest potential solutions to improve the comfort in your home.

Ducts Affect the Efficiency Of Your System

When less air can make it through your ducts for any reason, your system becomes less efficient. When there are issues with your air ducts, it can take longer for your system to warm or cool your home, no matter how efficient your system is. If there is an issue with your air ducts you may notice decreased HVAC performance, uneven heating, and higher utility bills. By having your air ducts properly modified by Modern Air Solutions, you can increase the efficiency and life expectancy of your system.

Can Help Decrease the Number of Repairs You Need

Faulty or improperly installed ductwork can increase the number of repairs your system will need over its lifetime. When your system has to work harder and run longer to warm or cool your home, it will experience wear and tear faster. By having Modern Air Solutions modify your ductwork to improve system performance, you can decrease the number of total repairs your system will need over time.

Contact Modern Air Solutions Now!

If you need your air ducts modified, contact Modern Air Solutions in Bensalem, PA today! To ensure your HVAC system performs properly, we will take into account aspects such as the design of your ductwork, any leaks or warped ducts, faulty installation and more. Once any weaknesses or inefficiencies are found we will formulate a plan for modifying your duct work. We will give you a cost estimate and answer any questions you may have.