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Condensate Drainage

Every part of your HVAC system is important. If it wasn’t important, it wouldn’t be there. The condensate drain is a part of your HVAC system that some don’t give as much attention to as the rest of their system. However, it can greatly affect your HVAC system if it is experiencing problems. If you have been experiencing problems with your condensate drain, Modern Air Solutions in Bensalem, PA can help choose the right replacement and install it for you.

What Is a Condensate Drain?

Your air conditioner works by taking the heat out of your home and releasing it outside. The higher the temperature, the more moisture or humidity the air can hold. When the heat in your home is absorbed by the evaporator coil, the cooler air can no longer support the same amount of moisture and condensation gets left behind. The condensate drain is responsible for removing this condensation.

Common Issues


The condensate drain is wet and warm, which makes a great breeding ground for algae. If too many algae accumulate it can produce a clog. Dust, dirt, sludge or mold can also build up and cause clogs. If left unchecked, the clog will lead to other problems. Contact Modern Air Solutions if you need help removing a clog in your condensate drain.


One issue that a clog can lead to is a leak. Condensate drain leaks can cause water damage to your home that can be difficult and expensive to repair. The best way to prevent damage from leaks is to inspect your system and get regular maintenance from Modern Air Solutions.

Contact Modern Air Solutions for Help!

If you need a new condensate drain, one of Modern Air Solutions knowledgeable technicians would be happy to assist you. We will help you choose the right type with the right features so your system can continue to function properly. To contact Modern Air Solutions, please use the contact page on our website or call 1-215-490-3433.