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Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, dirt and dust will begin to collect in your air ducts. As more collects over time, it can block the airflow and decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. This will cost you more over time. It can also cause uneven heating in your home, which can be uncomfortable for you and your family. Therefore, it is important to get your air ducts cleaned at the appropriate time.

How Often Do My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

How often you should get your air ducts cleans depends upon a variety of factors, but in general, they will need to be cleaned every 5-10 years. If you notice dust collecting around your vents and return air registers, it is a good sign they are due for a cleaning.

It is important to choose to get your air ducts cleaned by professionals. If you don’t have the right tools, it is very difficult to see what you are doing and reach every spot. Modern Air Solutions in Bensalem, PA will help make sure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

Modern Air Solution’s Equipment

Modern Air Solutions uses the latest Rotobrush equipment, the BrushBeast model. This is Rotobrush’s most powerful model which means it can easily pick up the heavier debris that may have collected in your air ducts. It also has a camera attached so that Modern Air Solution’s technicians can see exactly what they are doing to help ensure they don’t miss anything.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned As Well!

Modern Air Solutions can also clean your dryer vent for you. When you dry your clothes, lint, hair, and other materials can enter your dryer vent. This material is flammable and can allow a fire to spread quickly. It is also breeding grounds for mold.

When your dryer vent is clogged, it also takes longer to dry your laundry and can cost you both more time and money. Modern Air Solutions recommends getting your vents cleaned at least two times per year. If your dryer vent or air ducts are due for a cleaning, contact Modern Air Solutions today!