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Additional Return Air Runs

A return air run is a hole in your wall, ceiling, or floor that is covered by a vent. It sucks air from the room, transports it through your air ducts, and to your air handler. The supply ducts do the opposite. They transport air from your air handler to the vents and into your home.

The efficiency of your HVAC system and comfort of your home is affected by how many and where the return air vents and other vents are placed. If your energy bills are getting higher or if you lack comfort in some areas of your home, it’s time to call the experts at Modern Air Solutions in Bensalem, PA. We will look for issues with the airflow in your home and provide the best solutions.

Fix Airflow Problems

If you don’t have a sufficient amount to return air runs in your home, the air can struggle to find its way back to your air handler. This can cause uneven heating in your home. You may notice areas in your home that are hotter or cooler than the rest of your home.  If this is the case in your Philadelphia home, schedule a consultation with a Modern Air Solutions technician. If you need additional return air runs we can help you plan for and schedule the installation.

Return Air Run Placement

Many homes have return vents in almost any room to help the airflow. However, many kitchens and bathrooms do not to avoid transporting smells throughout your HVAC system and home.

Also worth noting, is the fact that the number of stories in your home can affect how challenging installation of a return air run installation will be. Installing a return air run in a one story home is easier than installing one in a multi-story building. Yet, Modern Air Solutions has the tools and knowledge to help you find the solutions you need.

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When you call Modern Air Solutions for a consultation, we will help you determine where your new return air runs should go. They will also help walk you through the process so you will know what to expect. To schedule a consultation or installation, fill out the contact page on our website or call 1-215-490-3433.